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Renovations by Ken Homes Calgary

A renovation is an important part of maintaining your home, accommodating your changing needs and prolonging the lifespan of your property. A properly done renovation in Calgary can also help greatly increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell it. The key areas that home renovations often focus on include the living room, kitchen, bathroom, deck, and basement. Each area has its individual set of requirements as well as steps that must be followed to accomplish a successful renovation project.

Once you’ve had a renovation done, the fun and value of your home will increase dramatically. For instance, you may get some extra space for your loved ones or additional rooms for specific purposes. It all depends on what ideas you may have. Other benefits that you can expect from a home renovation project include visual appeal as well as functionality. No matter the nature or size of your project, it pays to hire a professional who is trained in this area. To guarantee that you will enjoy all the benefits that come with home renovation, be sure to Ken Homes about your renovation ideas.

The following information explores living room, kitchen, bathroom, basement and decks as they are key areas of any home renovation.

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Kitchen Renovations by Ken Homes Calgary

Trends for Calgary kitchens have changed significantly over the past few years. Today’s Calgary homeowners are looking for kitchen designs that better match their lifestyles. Since kitchens are always considered to be the heart of the home, many of our customers are looking for renovations which reflect that.

Improvements often include a wide range of things from integrated cooking areas and plumbing, to HVAC and electrical. Better lighting for food preparation is also a common request. Open concept kitchen designs which involve removing walls so that the kitchen extends into the living area are also very popular.

At Ken Homes, we are confident that we know more about kitchen renovations than most contractors out there and we are familiar with the current trends as far as kitchen remodeling goes. Let us transform your kitchen into a beautiful, functional and comfortable space to enjoy with you and your family.


Bathroom Renovations by Ken Homes Calgary

Apart from being a functional room, many Calgary residents want their bathroom to be a place where they can unwind and recharge. They want it to be their seclusion, a space where they can escape the pressures of family and career.

Thus when homeowners are looking to upgrade their bathrooms, it’s not unusual for them to take their inspiration from different sources, including spas and salons. The thermostatic shower system is a very popular feature in today’s bathroom remodel. The system features temperature control, adjustable shower arms as well as beautiful shower rain heads to complete the experience. Also, glass doors are becoming more popular than shower curtains as these are not only easier to clean but they also provide a trendier look. What’s more, glass doors have the added advantage of making your bathroom appear more spacious.

We are experienced and certified home renovations professionals in Calgary that can transform your bathroom into a space that perfectly suits your specific shower, bathing and relaxation needs.


Living Room Renovations by Ken Homes Calgary

One of the most utilized areas of our homes is the living room. This is the venue where families gather for meals, television, entertainment, chat and relaxation. The living room is also what makes the first impression of your entire home when entertaining guests.

The living room is one of the most significant home renovation projects. It entails updating doors, windows, flooring, switch plates as well as decorative hardware. It may also involve making the space a lot more open and comfortable, such as adding blinds and window treatments, installing wall mounting system for flat screen television, strategically placing built-in speakers, as well as adding recessed lighting. Living Room Renovation projects can also incorporate sustainable or renewable resources as well as environmentally friendly materials.

We are expert living room renovators in Calgary. We understand the renovation process from start to finish. We use our in-depth knowledge, vast amount of experience as well as high-quality grade of materials to ensure perfect results your complete satisfaction.


Basement Renovations by Ken Homes Calgary

Basements are multipurpose spaces that can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. They can be used as gyms, meditation areas, wine cellars, music studios or even play areas for kids. The list of things that can be done with these spaces is endless.

We are the leading Calgary basement renovation professionals, helping our clients make optimum use of their basements and create a personal fun space within their homes. We enhance basement usage according to their requirements.


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